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Negotiations on the Way / Sarunas ceļā

Агния: The movie is documentary about old-believer villages and people in Latgale. Every spring during 5 years director Aija Bley together with cameraman Andris Priedītis followed some inner voice and visited Latgale, to meet, talk with, and film old-believers. Some of met people are already dead. Even names of the villages: Borisovka, Poromonovka, Ciskādi, Tiskādi, Pustinka are recognized as geographical locations of Latvia only bay very few people. And in these places, where it seems like at the world’s end, one can still meet people, that can surprise with their wisdom and understanding of the world and life. Its movie about meetings and partings, life and death. Документальный фильм о поморцах Латгалии,

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Агния: Jefims Osipovs Kovaļovas ciematā/Old Believers in Latvia - episode3

Агния: vecticibnieki Latvija


Агния: Документальный фильм "Старообрядческие общины Латгалии". Инара Гросе, Резекнес ТВ (1998-2001)

Агния: Давайте поддержим юного старовера Зарасая по части лайков и подписки , по-моему, он молодец!

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